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OUR PROPIETARY TREATMENT SYSTEM USING THREE SEPARATE TECHNOLOGIES YIELDS FAR SUPERIOR RESULTS. We provide dramatic reductions to all areas of the body, while lifting and tightening the skin. Let us show you how we can help you lift with Radio Frequency, tighten and reduce cellulite with High Intensity Light, and substantially reduce fat cells with Ultrasound Cavitation.


At La Beau Te Med Spa of Lake Forest, we offer the finest Body Contouring techniques and procedures.  To get started looking your best with Radio Frequency, High Intensity Light, or Ultrasound Cavitation just call our office at 224-706-6358 to set up your complimentary consultation. During your appointment all of your questions and concerns will be answered before you start so you can be assured of the finest quality products combined with the highest quality service. Once we have completed your assessment, we then will design a customized treatment approach based on your individual needs and physical characteristics.

What to expect during the treatments

Radio Frequency


Offers NATURAL LOOKING SKIN TIGHTENING by utilizing the body's natural collagen delivery solution in face and body utilizing the power of Radio Frequency. During the treatment, the RF waves penetrate the skin stimulating collagen fibroblast production to tighten the skin from the inside out, as it triggers the production of fresh collagen fibers which result in tighter more supple skin which looks noticeably younger.


High Intensity Light Lipolysis


Harnesses the energy of high intensity light technology to shrink targeted fat cell deposits in all areas of the body, including sensitive areas such as the face, which are too sensitive for other modalities. These technologies emit high levels of light energy, which trigger a chemical signal in the fat cells, releasing the stored triglycerides into free fatty acids and glycerol through channels in the cell membranes. The fatty acids and glycerol are then transported around the body to the tissues that will use them during metabolism to create energy, during post treatment exercise, which ensures the metabolization of the contents of the targeted fat cells.


Ultrasound Cavitation


Highly effective, fast, and painless. Removes fat and cellulite by utilizing sound wave technology to eliminate and destroy fat cells. A focused ultrasound beam is directed towards a specific area within the fat layer. The ultrasound wave breaks down the outer membranes of the fat cell, allowing the contents to be transported to the liver to be urinated out. Since the effect is focused to a specific depth, overlaying skin, organs and tissues are left unaffected and the broken down fat is metabolized out of the body.


Slimming with Ultrasound Cavitation and Radio Frequency

Ultrasound Cavitation is widely recognized as one of the Most Effective Cellulite Reduction and Fat Loss Technologies available today. Our low frequency Cavitation is applied in conjunction with our advanced treatment protocols and is the strongest and best cavitation treatment available to date.


The Cavitation technology is not a miracle treatment, but if you suffer from cellulite or you want a Non-Surgical Solution for local fat deposit reduction, it is one of the best technologies you can possibly use to fight those types of challenges. Additionally, all our high-power Cavitation treatments can be combined with our high-power radio-frequency technology for maximum results. This unique treatment combination ensures that out clients receive the most powerful and comprehensive cellulite and slimming treatment available.


What is Cavitation?

Ultrasonic Cavitation works by breaking down deep stubborn local fat tissues, by destroying the outer membrane of the fat cell, allowing the fat to be released, transported, and eliminated naturally. It’s also highly effective in reducing cellulite, a condition that affects most women over 20 years of age, whether slim or overweight. When applied in conjunction with Radio Frequency this treatment also offers highly effective skin tightening.


Before and Aftercare Advice?

To ensure the best results with this treatment we suggest that you follow the our aftercare recommendations to boost results:


• Drink at least 2 liters of water before your treatment and again 2 liters in the day after your treatment (soft drink, soda, juice, coffee or tea does not count, and should not be consumed in place of water).


 • Do Not Eat 2 hours Before and 1 hour After treatment.


• Do not Consume ANY alcohol or caffeine in the day of treatment or 48 hrs after.


• Do Not Take a Hot Shower (luke warm is alright), spa or sauna immediately after these treatments, as this would cause increased inflammation.


• Diet: Follow a Fat Free, Low Carb, Low Sugar diet for best results


• Exercise for a minimum of 20 minutes after your treatment to stimulate lymph movement and increase potential results by eliminating partially destroyed fat cells.

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